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Sheffield School Canopy Installation – Bradway Primary School

The Bradway School in Sheffield contacted Shade Zone with an interest in a canopy to create an enclosed area but due to the area available and other unused opportunities, our experts suggested a retractable system so that they have an adaptable area ideal for summer and winter. The idea of being able to use the product all year round was a great appeal and the school opted for the Med Quadra Retractable Canopy – meaning that children and staff at this primary school would be able to enjoy outdoor space easier for longer.

Shade Zone was sure to add protection around the legs to protect children running around the area; the school was so taken with them that more are being ordered to put around the school. The Med Quadra Retractable Canopy creates an enclosed area with the canopy being situated with walls all around but can open up the area with the retractable roof to let light in.

This client actually returned to Shade Zone two more times for the installation of a walkway and an AirZone to create an outdoor play and learning area. These newly installed products are maintence free, making them perfect for schools. Infill panels were installed on the AirZone to prevent water leaking down the walls, creating a fully enclosed space.

The school has been consistently happy with our service and are even looking to get a 4th shading solution installed in the future. When returning to us, they originally wanted us to remove their existing canopy in the area and replace it with an identical system, consisting of a thin aluminium frame with a polycarbonate roof but the school ended up going with the AirZone.

We suggested the AirZone as it can be bespoke sizes so it would fit the whole area of 8m x 6m very well. At the time, their existing canopy only covered around a quarter of the area. Also, the AirZone provided a lot more protection and is a great system for schools as it is an all-weather system with minimal maintenance.

We look forward to hearing back from Bradway Primary School for their 4th shading solution.