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Awnings in Rotherham - Canopies in Rotherham

As the select supplier in Rotherham of uniquely made awnings, canopies and cafe barriers, Shade Zone can meet the demands of most commercial applications.

Awnings, canopies and cafe barriers for education sector is also one of our sector specialties, and our products excel in the luxury home market. Our range of awnings and canopies are perfect to create a relaxed outdoor atmosphere.


Awnings and Canopies Rotherham

Rotherham commercial awnings

Shade Zone in Rotherham’s extensive product range includes custom-made awnings for shops, restaurants and schools.

Commercial canopies As Shade Zone is at the forefront in the UK market, restaurant, bar and cafe owners in Rotherham can have no doubt we are the first name in commercial retractable canopies.

Cafe barriers Cafe owners in Rotherham hunting for a cafe barrier needn’t search any further than Shade Zone.

Rotherham cafe, bar and restaurant owners can revolutionise the look and the feel of their business – without it hitting the balance sheet too much. Protecting against too much sun, wind and rain is an investment that will only add to profits and customer satisfaction.


Awnings and Canopies Rotherham

Awnings for the home

Homeowners in Rotherham will find that we are unsurpassed for domestic patio awnings.

We can help make your dream of improving your home and garden a reality, so that family and friends can enjoy your garden and patio even more than they do already.

Canopies for the home For we also supply Rotherham homes with retractable canopies, garden canopies, as well as garden shades and sunshades.


Awnings and Canopies Rotherham

Schools, colleges and universities

If you’re in Rotherham and want a canopy or awning for your nursery, school, college outside classroom, Shade Zone has an extensive product range to suit most requirements.

If it’s outdoor learning all year learning you’re after and a sheltered environment, we’ll be able to help.

Our Services

When considering using Shade Zone, the following services are available for all alfresco projects:

  • Experienced & Professional Services
  • Planning Assistance
  • Design Team
  • Full Project Management
  • Surveys & Installations
  • Maintenance