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Awnings in Scarborough - Canopies in Scarborough

Shade Zone's awnings and canopies are the perfect fit for Scarborough's residential, commercial and education sectors. We are also the leading authority on open air shelters and serve Scarborough’s luxury seaside homes with the very best awnings and canopies on the market.

Scarborough café, bar and restaurant owners can overhaul their business cost effectively to give shade on a sunny day and defence against the elements.

About Scarborough

Scarborough is a popular resort town that attracts lots of tourists. It is reported that the success of the town is due to the opening of its grand hotel and train station. This beach town is a great place for cafes and enjoying time with the family on trips away.

Covid Rules

Keeping workers and customers safe during COVID-19 is our highest priority. That is why we ask you to book an appointment for showroom viewings ahead of time, to use the hand sanitiser provided at the door, and wear a mask throughout your visit. Our staff will also wear a mask and use hand sanitiser during your stay, and ensure the space is cleaned both before and after your visit.

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Awnings and Canopies Scarborough

Scarborough commercial awnings

Our large product range includes bespoke awnings for shops, restaurants and schools, pub awnings, drop arm awnings, traditional awnings, butcher awnings, electrical awnings and manual awnings, among others.

Hotel canopies in Scarborough

Hotels in Scarborough are always trying to compete for tourism. Stand out by providing a sheltered outdoor hotel canopy for your guests where they can relax in an evening or through the day. A hotel canopy can be used for outdoor dining, sun shade and shelter from the rain.

Coastal parasols in Scarborough

It is very important to get a strong parasol that can withstand strong winds and salty air. These Parasols can withstand strong winds and are specially made with resistant metals to help them last longer for your outdoor café space.


Awnings for the home

We are the unbeatable choice for homeowners in Scarborough for domestic patio and house awnings.

Great sea view? Beautiful garden? Make them that little bit better.

Add a supreme, top quality extension to your beautiful home in one of the UK’s most prestigious seaside resorts. Shade Zone’s awnings let family and friends enjoy your garden and patio in pleasant comfort.

Canopies for the home We also supply Scarborough homes with retractable canopies and garden canopies, as well as garden shades and sunshades.


Schools, colleges and universities

Our extensive range of canopies for schools, and school awnings, are perfect for Scarborough nursery, school, college and university outside classrooms.

If you want to teach pupils or students outside - at most times of the year -Shade Zone in Scarborough can tailor awnings and canopies for nearly every educational requirement.

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