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Residential External Blinds

A sun-orientated home, or extensions, on the south-side has many benefits. During the autumn, winter and spring, you can enjoy all of the benefits of the incoming rays of sunshine. In the summertime, though, you can be susceptible to overheating and your family and friends may experience uncomfortable light refractions.

With our Shade Zone residential external blinds product range, we can create a cooler, more relaxed environment resulting in a cost-effective way to reduce heat in your home. We promise a wind-tight screen, with no wrinkling, and a complete control over light as well as heat. With our blinds being easy to operate, they can be the perfect addition to your home.

Which awning, canopy or parasol is right for you?

Finding the right awning, canopy or parasol for your needs can be complex, why not give our team a call and let us help you decide which is right for your circumstances.

Tel: 01482 219919
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