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School Retractable Canopies

Retractable canopies are perfect for learning and playing in the outdoors without the risk of harmful UV rays. The structure is solid and safe for the school environment and can be applied to almost anywhere within a schools grounds for added function. A retractable canopy is a solid structure in which the roof moves back and forth. When closed, pupils and staff are either protected from the rain, or shading from an over bearing sun, without having to come indoors. Furthermore, the roof can be retracted back to allow uses to enjoy the sunnier skies when required.

Shade Zone has many retractable canopies available, however to make the experience even easier for you, our team of shade solution experts will advise the best product for you based on your needs and preferences. Not only will we also be able to offer you all the available options and bespoke possibilities so you are sure to get exactly what you want, but we will also sort out all of the arrangements, from start to finish the Shade Zone team take care of all project management to reduce strain, time consumption and disruption for you.

The Shade Zone retractable canopy systems can be used all year round, whilst creating your own unique outdoor area for you pupils to learn, play, and enjoy. They are easy to maintain and are an interesting feature for students and school staff to enjoy.

Which awning, canopy or parasol is right for you?

Finding the right awning, canopy or parasol for your needs can be complex, why not give our team a call and let us help you decide which is right for your circumstances.

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