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Commercial Camargue

FROM £7300

When looking to expand your café/restaurants coverage, the Camargue is an innovative terrace covering that is equipped with a bladed roof system that can be exquisitely enclosed on all sides with a combination of integrated wind-resistant drop down Fixscreens, glass sliding walls and Loggia sliding panels - that allows use all year round.

The roof consists of extruded aluminium blades that can be rotated up to 150° to adjust sun-protection and ventilation as required. In closed position, the roof system is fully waterproof. Even in heavy showers, concealed guide water channels drain the water towards the columns.

Highlighted Features

  • Dimensions Max. S 4500m x P 6200mm
  • User friendly
  • Sides can be closed off with screens, glass or loggia sliding panels
  • Can be combined with our Beam® fitted with Heat® and Sound®

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