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From £7300

The Camargue® is an innovative terrace covering equipped with a bladed roof system, that can be closed off on all sides with wind-resistant Fixscreens®, glass sliding walls, Loggia® sliding panels or a combination of the former.

The roof consists of extruded aluminium blades that can be tilted to adjust sun-protection and ventilation as required. In closed position, the roof system is fully waterproof. Even in heavy showers, concealed guide water channels drain the water towards the columns.

Highlighted Features

  • Maximum size of 6.2m x 4.5m units, with larger spaces being covered with multiple coupled modules
  • Lean-To or Free-Standing structures available
  • Snow loading rating of up to 70kg/m2
  • Wind resistance of up to 120km/h for closed blades
  • Includes an integrated guttering system.
  • Multiple integrated side options
  • LED Lighting and Heating
  • Available in the top 100 RAL colours with 1 or 2 colour options.

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