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Tintagel Bike Shelter

The Tintagel Shelter is a simple yet modern design and has a robust, all weather construction. A unique design feature of the Tintagel is that the leg frames can be used as racks to provide additional cycle parking spaces to maximise space. The Tintagel Shelter comes in various versions with the off centre version as well as the centre version allowing you to maximise space according to the plot available. It is a simple yet effective design to maximise bicycle storage while maintaining protection for the bicycles from the weather.

Having a bike shelter at your school or institute encourages students to cycle to school, in a time where most children get the bus or are driven to school, this helps to get them involved in physical activity which will improve their overall health and wellbeing, reducing sick days and increasing school performance. The curved Perspex of the bike shelter will help to protect the bikes from the full impact of rain and sun which can cause rusting or discolouration.

Ensure a smart school appearance with this curved top bike shelter. The galvanised frame comes in a variety of colours so that you can have a completely bespoke bike shelter that matches your school brand, school colours or logo. It is so much safer, more organised and smarter to use a dedicated bike shelter for your students than letting them lock their bikes up against fences, outside the school perimeter, or out in the playground.

With the use of a bike shelter, you are increasing the security of your school and your students trust in the school itself. Students will learn the importance of keeping their belongings safe and secure with good practice in using a bike shelter daily, which increases responsibility in remember to bring their bike lock. Not only does it encourage students to be aware of the importance of security, but it also discourages theft from outsiders.

Highlighted Features

  • Easily accessed from both sides.
  • Zinc coated with a powder coated finish in a range of RAL colours - also available fully galvanised.
  • Designed for use with our Sheffield and Harrogate stands and racks.
  • Leg frames can either be bolted to the floor or grouted into the ground.

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