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Tungsten Heaters

With their industrial design style, robust chassis and high performance, the Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric series now comes with a lifetime element warranty.

With an extended body and heat reflector, the Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric range provides a wide wall of warmth across a vast footprint. Available in 4 models with heat outputs of up to 6kW, these units emit minimal light and present a scalable solution for those wishing to tailor a bespoke heating system.

Highlighted Features

  • Scalable Solution - (2kW), 3000W (3kW), 4000W (4kW) and 6000W (6kW)
  • High-Performance Mesh Screen
  • Ultra-Durable Quartz Element
  • Parabolic Specular Reflector (PSR)
  • High-Temperature Coating
  • Available in Black or White

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